Romance Writers of Australia

Finalist 2021

The Sapphire Award - 3rd place

'Oceans Apart'

First Kiss Contest - 5th place

'Blank Canvas'

Finalist 2020

Sweet Treats Award - anthology shortlist top 15

'The Cupcake Catastrophe'1

Romance Writers of New Zealand

Koru Award of Excellence 2021

Best First Book - Winner

'Abandoned Hearts'

The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Red Ribbon Winner 2021


'Abandoned Hearts'

Finalist 2019

Little Gems Contest - 1st place


The Emerald Award - 2nd place

'Letting Go'3

1 Published in RWAus Sweet Treats Cupcake anthology

2 Published in RWAus Little Gems Tiger's Eye anthology

3 Published in 2020 as 'Abandoned Hearts'