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Coming soon - A Paris Romance!

13th September 2022

Why is that such an important date? That's the date my next novella will be released as part of the anthology, A Paris Romance. Put it in your calendars!

My novella is titled Lonely in Paris, and it's a story about Jane and Jacques. Yes the double J is intentional. :) Jane is on a six-month working contract from Australia. Unable to speak French very well, and as a non-native, life in Paris is difficult, and extremely lonely. Then she meets Jacques, the handsome Frenchman who shows her why Paris is the city of love...

This anthology will only be running for two months, from 13th September to 13th November and will feature many stories by other fabulous authors set in the city of love.

Don't like anthologies? That's okay, Lonely in Paris will be released as a standalone at the end of 2022.

That's all for now, keep your eyes peeled for updates from me.

Lisa xx

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